Erika c. brothers


Erika Carrillo Brothers is a Mexican artist currently residing in the USA. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Information Sciences and has been fond of painting and the arts for more than 22 years. Her interest in iPhoneography, the art of creating photos and art with an iPhone, began in 2011 and quickly became her passion. She began investigating the different options for transforming and altering her photographs from a mobile device using texture elements and various applications to create images that reflected her imagination and ideas.

Modern applications have been an absolute revolution in photography, allowing us to create art from a mobile device. Nature and family have been her primary sources of inspiration and creativity. Erika emphasizes, “… in general, my style does not follow a particular format or function. I use the applications that come to mind and experiment repeatedly until I achieve a particular view of the art piece. My method came from experimenting with apps when my iPhone adventure began. At the same time, as my experimentation evolved, so did my technique and ability to transform and integrate new art concepts and blends”.

Erika’s work has not only been recognized but celebrated in various international exhibitions and publications. Her works have become part of book covers with prominent publishers and writers, such as the famous Mexican writer Angeles Mastretta, James Patterson of the Alex Cross Thriller series, and the Jane Austen Society with Natalie Janner. She has earned several First Place Awards and Honorable Mentions in Mobile Photography’s most prestigious photography contests, IPPAWARDS – MPA, MDAC Mobile Digital Art, and Creativity Online, just to name a few.

She believes art is a true form of genuine individual expression, and it should be accessible and shared with everyone! Choose to dream and act on those dreams. Collaborate and share with people who can help, support, and guide you, and pay it forward! Collaborate with all people and beliefs – dreams and passions drive us all.




· 2014 Tj Movil “Nomadas” Instagramers – Mexico

· 2015 FIPA – Florence International Photography Awards – Italy

· 2019 Putting it together “The Art of assembling“ Foundry Art Center – St Charles, MO

· 2021 Mobile Digital Art & Creativity Online Digital Art – Palo Alto, CA

· 2022 Mira Mobile Prize – Porto Portugal


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