Personalize your idea and imagination with your own digital art piece! Commission one today!

    Creation will be based on the images, photos and/or ideas sent by client, idea sketch sessions will be discussed and interchanged for the thought process and framework. Reviews will be conducted at different build stages and agreed upon between both parties. There can always be variations in the creative process, for which only 4 maximum edit changes will be accepted during build once the initial framework is agreed upon. The client should expect to have a unique piece of artwork based on the style Erika Brothers brings to the world with her style and vision. The artist reserves the right to use reproductions of the artwork to promote her work, including the rights to display reproductions of the work on the artist’s website, social media and at any such event deemed usable for promotion and marketing. Selling, sharing, copying, or modifying the final product is not allowed and is in direct violation of intellectual property rights.

    Digital art pieces will be delivered via email in a high-resolution jpg file, ready for print by the client or their choice of print house. We can facilitate the print process if requested, client would pay an additional cost for printing and shipping.

    All rights reserved by Kika’s workshop. Commissioned projects require 35% non-refundable payment, balance will be due before the commission is sent out to client.

    Contact for your personalized collage,

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